Tuesday, January 23, 2007

matrixial borderspaces

i had a wonderful meeting with marcia tanner on saturday. i didn't know what to expect and was a bit nervous initially. i came to her with a few questions about whether or not my practice was in keeping with feminist practice and how she felt about ettinger's concept of matrixial borderspaces. delightfully, i found that she was incredibly supportive and enthusiastic about our conversation, as was i, and i look forward to continued interactions. i've been thinking about the project as a whole and am very impressed with the idea of a show that is about having conversations in a gallery space and making art out of everyday life. it's exciting that the work of two feminist artists/critics/curators were the catalysts and sources of inspiration that ultimately brought all these other people into the gallery to have conversations about things that are important to us. many thanks to anne, marcia, and moyra! - tricia avant.

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