Thursday, January 25, 2007

Clear Voices

You can order Moyra Davey's book Mother Reader Essential Writings on Motherhood presented at TART at Seven Stories Press

In different ways, through autobiography and storytelling, the clear voices gathered together here in one volume propose an eloquent alternative to longstanding myths and conventions about motherhood, art and the relationship between them. - Seven Stories Press

Voices include:

Doris Lessing, Sylvia Plath, Mary Kelly, Alice Walker, Joan Snyder, Margaret Atwood, Toni Morrison and many others.

Over and over it has been said that there is a dearth of such literature because mothers do not have the time to record their experiences. In her essay "Feminism and Motherhood", Susan Griffin compares her note-taking on motherhood to a Resistance fighter's journal, where there is time for "brief illuminations which we must record between interruptions". - excerpt from Moyra Davey's introduction.

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