Saturday, January 13, 2007

My place between 12 & 2pm

with Moyra Davey and Marcia Tanner
January 11 - February 7, 2007

I decided to invite Moyra and Marcia over to my place. I haven't known them long but am getting to know them better through their work. I like and respect them both and they have been very supportive.

I wanted to think about their work in a different way, not controlling my choices but allowing for a more open, collaborative process. This has felt good. I decided to present the works as a series of surprises happening on a daily basis over a period of twenty eight days. Leaving things to chance, exploring the unexpected, going in with a certain degree of uncertainty, that's what this is all about. I also believe in the power of small gestures.

Marcia is full of life, her trajectory has lots of twists and turns. She's an inspiration, she follows the beat of her own drum. Marcia curated Bad Girls West - Marcia Tucker's Bad Girls sister show - Brides of Frankenstein, Mi Casa es Su Casa, We Look and See and more. She supports women artists, she collects, she writes, the list goes on. She also has over twenty years of experience as a critic and curator.

Moyra is very gracious and generous, you believe in her. She reveals things. She has been working consistently for the past twenty years as an artist showing at American Fine Arts, Rena Bransten, Artists Space, Alexander and Bonin, Aldrich Museum, Nicole Klagsbrun amongst many others along the way. She is also a founding member of Orchard a great co-operative gallery on New York's Lower East Side.

My place between 12 and 2pm is an invitation from me, Marcia and Moyra.

See you there, Anne.

47 Lusk Alley
SF CA 94107
415 203 5865

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