Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The MTV Generation!

Today was busy round at "My Place..."! First of all Bruno from Ampersand dropped in, spent some time, dipped into Moyra's book The Problem of Reading and we talked. He really responded to Moyra's writing style which is beautifully succinct and very accessible, no mean feat given that she's something of an existentialist! While Bruno was here a group of CCA MFA students came by, courtesy of Glen Helfand and much appreciated. They also wanted to buy the book which I have to admit I hadn't thought about but I will make a link to Cabinet who distribute it. Two of them are in the Photography Program so were particularly interested in Moyra's images and will be scheduling some time to have a phone conversation with her.

Much chatting and tea-drinking later, it transpired that Laura Forst and Tricia Avant had recently moved here from LA and were eager to get an insight into what was going on in San Francisco - I pointed them in a few directions. Turns out that Laura had a different “life” before moving to LA and used to work for the founder of MTV and the likes of Chris Blackwell. We had a laugh about how “old school” MTV seems now to the younger generation! Anyway watch this space as there might be some new guests....


Bruno puruses Moyra's photos in the comfort of Anne's gallery-turned-living room.

CCA students and local artists Tricia, Laura, and Najoung (left to right) delve into The Problem of Reading over tea.

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