Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Place or The Neurology of Love?

Although I'd registered for this conference (see below), I chose to have tea and conversation at Anne Colvin's place, TART, this Saturday, January 20, over the prospect of discovering how scientists have solved, finally, the mysteries of love. Think what I might have learned from "pair bonding in voles"!

At Anne's place, though, there's the prospect of discovering more mysteries.

- Marcia
It’s that time! Please join us as internationally renowned scientists discuss the brain’s responses to romance, arousal and heartbreak:

The Sixth International Conference on Neuroesthetics
The Neurobiology of Love
Saturday, January 20, 2007
Berkeley Art Museum
University of California, Berkeley

Throughout history, love has been a subject most often addressed by poets, artists and songwriters. But, thanks to groundbreaking discoveries in neurobiology in the 1990s, scientists have begun to ask some of humanity’s oldest questions about the various emotional states and behaviors known as love.

From pair bonding in voles to the similarities between the brain’s response to lust and to addictive drugs, current studies are revealing the biological mechanisms behind our pursuit of love and those that result as a consequence of our finding it. Researchers hope this knowledge not only lets us better understand our behavior in relationships, but also the biology behind what may be making those relationships important to easing stress and promoting physical healing.

Come hear leading researchers in the emerging field of “The Neurobiology of Love” discuss their latest findings at the Sixth International Conference on Neuroesthetics. The conference, which is sponsored by the Berkeley-based Minerva Foundation and the Institute of Neuroesthetics in London, is free and open to the public.

Registration at http://plaisir.berkeley.edu is required for admittance. For any questions, please call the conference coordinators at 510-847-2191.


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